Intercept Technology

The only contamination-free corrosion control & static protection, Intercept Technology™ delivers effective long-term, corrosion protection against rust, oxidation, tarnish, mold, and mildew, while also providing permanent ESD protection. Learn more about this revolutionary product.

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Shrink Film

Shrink Film that delivers comprehensive long-term protection against corrosion. Learn more about this superior plastic packaging technology that provides effective long-term, outdoor protection against rust, oxidation, tarnish, mold, and mildew.

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Be Lean and Green

Do we save money or help the environment? Intercept packaging delivers proven and effective protection, plus gives you a measurable green component to your operations. Learn how Intercept can help you make your operation lean and green.

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Plain and Simple

Trying to combat corrosion has traditionally been a tough and messy job. Learn how you can save time and money by switching to Intercept Technology™ packaging.

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Fabric Brochure

The Ultimate Outdoor Re-Usable Cover. Intercept Technology Fabric is the next generation of long-term industrial protection, specifically designed to protect your assets before they can be attacked or degraded by destructive corrosion, rust, oxidation, mold or mildew. Works with all metals.

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