Cost Savings with Intercept Technology

Intercept Technology saves time and makes companies more efficient by eliminating processes and eliminating costly failures and expensive rebuilds and re-works.

Traditional anti-corrosion measures rely upon forming a barrier between the product and the environment. These barriers are coatings or vapors, which coat the surface of the product, or a physical barrier such as a foil barrier material. Both methods carry hidden costs. The film of protective coating must be both applied and removed before the product can be put into use, incurring additional material cost and time. Foil barrier materials depend upon evacuation and/or flushing with an inert gas and then hermetically sealing for anti-corrosion protection. The evacuation/purge equipment is an added cost as well as time consuming.

Intercept Technology, with its patented reactive technology removes the corrosion causing elements and forms an inert, micro-environment around the product. Potentially messy coatings and costly evacuation and sealing equipment is not needed. The product can be immediately packaged with Intercept and then when needed, simply unwrapped and put into use, saving time and costs.

The cost of failures is often overlooked in the evaluation of protective packaging. Failures significantly affect not only the bottom line impact to the manufacturer, but also affects the brand image in the marketplace and to their customers. Intercept Technology helps protect the product and your image by keeping product in a as-manufactured, pristine condition. You save money not only by eliminating the rework or replacement of the product, but also save on the added shipping costs for the returned product.

Intercept keeps the product looking like it was just manufactured and ready to use, leaving a lasting good impression.

Latent defects are even more difficult to trace. Corrosion on electronic circuits do not cause immediate failure, but fail gradually. If these failures occur during the warranty period, not only does the item need to be replaced, but shipping the items back and then returning them can be environmentally damaging by increasing your carbon footprint (additional fuel costs for shipping). Intercept has helped major electronics manufacturers virtually eliminate latent failures due to electrostatic discharge (ESD) and corrosion.


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