Green Packaging


Intercept helps companies with their GREEN environmental initiatives and reduces their carbon footprint. Intercept is reusable and recyclable… It helps reduce process steps, and eliminates costly failures that reduce rejects and returns. Intercept helps companies become and remain GREEN.

Because Intercept is made up of a unique low density polyethylene (LDPE) with highly reactive copper particles bonded into the polymer matrix, it has a long shelf life and is suitable for reuse and is recyclable as a normal LDPE. In addition, the molded forms of Intercept Technology material take advantage of this lifetime/reusability and are used as work in process (WIP) holders or shipping holders, which are then returned to where the process began saving packaging materials.

Intercept has helped a major telecom company reduce its failures to near zero. This has helped them realize a carbon reduction of over 4000% (40 times reduction), not just because of the product replacement/rework costs saved, but also savings on the transportation costs for returning and replacing the product. Find out how Intercept can help you on the path towards a greener future.

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