R.I.B.S. MVTR (Reactive Intercept Barrier System, Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate) film provides the ultimate anti-corrosion protection, combined with the best electrical (electrostatic discharge, electromagnetic induction) protection as well as the lowest MVTR. A multi-layered structure, RIBS MVTR achieves its low moisture diffusion rates by not only employing a robust metallic film, but also a carbon layer, laminated between the metallic film and the Intercept Film. This unique carbon film absorbs moisture from within the bag, and also acts as a secondary boundary to any moisture that diffuses through the metallic layer. RIBS MVTR is the ultimate choice for sensitive electronics protection.

Corrosion and ESD protection PLUS a superior moisture barrier

  • Heavily metallized laminate
  • Ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • ESD + EMI Shielding
  • Full MVTR protection
  • Cleanroom compatible
  • No outgassing