Storage & Preservation

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When you place equipment into storage, the expectations are that when you retrieve it, the equipment will look just like it did when you put it away. Intercept lets you realize your expectations. With its unique copper/polymer chemistry, Intercept creates a clean, inert micro-environment around your asset, preventing the degradation that would normally take place over time. And Intercept does not give off any volatiles that can contaminate electronics or optics.

Because Intercept reacts with and removes the harmful, degradation causing elements, and creating an inert environment, it is safe for all types of materials and material combinations.

Intercept is used to store parts, equipment, and entire vehicles in all types of environments. From the heat of the desert, to the cold of the artic, to the clean rooms of NASA and semiconductor manufacturers and to your own warehouse, Intercept will preserve your items in a safe and ready-to-use condition.

Intercept Shrink Film contains the most effective and durable UV-resistant formulation, lets you store items outdoors, saving on valuable indoor space and eliminating costly warehouse environmental controls, like air conditioning and humidity control. It is like having a warehouse in a bag that’s effective and easy to use.