Streamlining the manufacturing process to save time and money, while maintaining quality is critical for the automotive industry.

The simple, easy application of Intercept Technology allows for the elimination of traditional protective coatings, saving the application and removal time. This change to Intercept does away with the need for the associated solutions and chemicals needed to remove the traditional protection coatings. Freshly machined and manufactured parts can be placed directly into an Intercept package, simply closed up, and then either stored for later use or shipped anywhere in the world. The parts will remain in pristine condition and be ready to use the moment they are unwrapped.

Intercept is ideal for protecting components made up of different materials. It works by creating an inert environment around your product instead of depositing a barrier film, safely preserving all types of material simultaneously. From freshly-machined engine blocks to sensitive fuel injectors, Intercept will keep your parts in ready-to-assemble condition.