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What is anti-corrosion packaging design?

You have a product, and we have a solution for you. Whether you need on-site preservation, storage, or en-route transportation protection, Xtend Packaging can provide the ultimate solution for your needs and protect your equipment against rust, corrosion, mold and mildew damage, and provide ESD protection – all while offering the peace of mind that Intercept Technology™ provides with its reliable, sustainable, and easy to use line of products. Our packaging design team will analyze your equipment and understand your preservation goals, and design the best solution to ensure that you achieve them.


Intercept works differently than traditional anti-corrosion packaging. It is not a VCI (volatile corrosion inhibitor) that coats the product with a chemical. Intercept is a chemical-free alternative that is extremely effective, and simple to use.

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We Make Bags And Shrink Wrap To Protect Your Products From Corrosion.
Developed more than 25 years ago, Intercept has been rigorously tested, and approved for use in a variety of applications throughout the world. If you want to know more about our packaging solutions, please request a quote below.