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Call 281-784-2262



What are on-site preservation services?

Intercept Technology™ has a proven track record, with 35 years of experience at work in the field. Xtend Packaging brings that knowledge and experience to bear by sending our teams led by knowledgeable field technicians direct to your site to perform work ranging from “bagging and tagging,” all the way up to full Intercept Shrinkfilm encapsulation preservation services.  Shape and size are never an issue, and our extremely capable crews can tackle even the most complicated projects. Not in Texas?  Our crews regularly travel to complete work for our customers whether they be 1, 100, or 1,000 miles away.


Xtend Packaging technicians are trained to tackle the requirements of any job – any size, any shape, anywhere.

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We Make Bags And Shrink Wrap To Protect Your Products From Corrosion.
Developed more than 25 years ago, Intercept has been rigorously tested, and approved for use in a variety of applications throughout the world. If you want to know more about our packaging solutions, please request a quote below.