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What are pre-made preservation kits?

Whether you’re preserving one component or hundreds, pre-made preservation kits are a cost-effective way to protect your equipment yourself – with one of our handy pre-made, custom-designed preservation kits. The material for kits can be made of any Intercept Technology™ product, from Intercept Shrinkfilm to RIBS-MVTR. Once the size and shape of the unit has been submitted, a kit with all the necessary preservation components will be made for you to apply yourself – whether that’s a bag, sheeting, or materials for you to shrinkwrap a unit yourself.


Xtend Packaging can manufacture custom kits with fast turnaround times, and ship them direct to your door for you to apply them quickly and easily to your own equipment – often without the need for tools and equipment.

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We Make Bags And Shrink Wrap To Protect Your Products From Corrosion.
Developed more than 25 years ago, Intercept has been rigorously tested, and approved for use in a variety of applications throughout the world. If you want to know more about our packaging solutions, please request a quote below.